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This evening dad took me out in the pram. I kept crying until he pushed down the handle of the pram, so we were only riding on two wheels. That way I could look at dad so I didn’t get bored. After a while dad thought it was ok, and put the pram down on four wheels again, so I had to start to cry again. Then dad got us back on two wheels. That was great. I managed to stay awake for almost two miles, even though I was pretty tired.



  1. Flemming  maj 16, 2005

    Hi Victor,

    Nice to see you are growing and not sleeping all the time. We are far away, but enjoy every night to see your photos and lifting your head and smiling. You are about to discover the world! Tomorrow you will be 1 month old – We wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY our sweet Victor with many returns.
    Lots of love.
    Farfar and Farmor

  2. Finn Fejrskov  maj 16, 2005

    Hi Victor
    I think you look very sweet and I really enjoy reading your webpage.

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