Organizing your fly tying

Neil's mini bench

If you want a good portable desk/table top fly tying mini bench why not consider mine it was made from scrap materials that I had lying around the garage.

I made a simple tray from a piece of ply with four 10mm x 50mm pieces of deal (pine) glued and screwed around the edge.

The bridge was made from a bit of half inch ply nailed onto two short lengths of 50mm x 50mm deal and then screwed from below onto the inside of the tray.

Half a dozen holes of various sizes on the bridge piece takes care of the tool storage needed.

Two strips of plastazote foam were glued to the end of the bridge for fly drying, dubbing needles etc.

I added an internal partition to provide some seperate storage and with six 30mm nails along the top edge provides storage for bobbins while the front section provides a handy and safe storage area for varnish and laquer bottles.

The bridge piece provides a mounting surface for a clamp on vice which can be positioned to suit.

The neat thing is that it can be readily whipped of any surface in mid fly manufacture with the minimum of tidying to be replaced later and tying resumed with ease . All necessary loose bits and bobs can be contained within the tray section. Oh yes - very important this if you intend to use it on the houses best table surface..... make sure that you glue some felt or rubber onto the bottom surface... for protection...from the wife that is :0) I could provide a more detailed and dimensioned drawing if anyone really needs it

Tight lines