Organizing your fly tying

Pittendrigh's table

No photos this time of year....not unless you want to see a pile of feathers and whatnot. But I do have a good way of making a desk.

At your local lumber yard--or even at the local building supplies wholesaler--you will find slightly damaged flat wood doors on sale for peanuts. Hollow doors are light but delicate. Solid panel doors are heavy and durable. In my hometown I can get a slightly dinged solid-core, maple veneer door (that would normally sell for $150 or more) for $20.

Then goto Costco or Wallmart and buy some clear or white plastic drawer banks...get several, that are approximately desktop high.

Screw a ribbon-band 2x4 on a wall with long drywall screws, so it's the same height as the plastic drawers. Distribute the plastic drawers as needed, so they are the width of the door away from the wall.

Put a puddle of hot glue on top of each drawer bank and quickly put down the door. Screw the back edge of the door to the 2x4 ribbon.

Now you have a wide, stout, good-looking wood-top counter, with drawers underneath: for $20 plus the cost of the plastic drawers (about $15 per bank of 4 drawers).

I have a U-shaped tying area in the basement made from 3 doors and a bunch of plastic drawers.

Works great. Looks good. Didn't cost much.