My first tooth

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My first tooth is on it’s way. It’s a little hard to see yet, but it’s very easy to feel how sharp it is.

Mum and Dad were a bit surprised, that it was there, because I didn’t make a fuzz about it. I should have thought that they had already learned, that I’m a though little guy!



  1. Cindy DuCette  januar 2, 2006

    Ah, little cousin. Greetings from Bonanza,Oregon, USA. Congratulations on this monumental step. Real food is just around the corner. And you must forgive your parents. You’ll find that parents can be oblivious to many events and behaviors regardless of how often you try to teach them.

    My name is Cindy DuCette, your 5th cousin through the Mastrup line. Your mother is my 4th cousin, once removed. Kim Mastrup Hermansen, also my 4th cousin, once removed, has just introduced me to some of the Danish family.

    As I was following up on some genealogy information he sent me, your blog popped up. So now, not only do I have new family, I can watch you grow.

    I look forward to your next achievement.


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